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What: The Action foundation aims to tackle exclusion by providing opportunity. The main activities of the charity are to support asylum seekers and other migrants through the provision of free accommodation to those who are destitute in Newcastle (Action Housing) and free English language teaching to those who cannot reasonably access this anywhere else in Tyneside (Action Language).

Volunteer Role: Administrator/Project Worker - we require an administrator/project worker to facilitate the smooth-running of the office and at times undertake tasks relating to our two projects. Time commitment 5hrs/week over at least 2 days Tues-Thurs during office hours. A passion for effective administration, excellent interpersonal communication skills, professional approach, experience of phone work, a methodical approach and proficiency with Microsoft Office programs essential. Full induction training, relevant resources and ongoing support provided.

We require volunteers to be/have:
- Administratively-minded - (essential)
- Resourceful and initiative-taker - (essential)
- A genuine desire to support refused asylum seekers - (essential)
- An understanding of the need for service-user confidentiality - (essential)
- An understanding of the need to maintain safe and professional boundaries when working with service-users - (essential)
- Warmth, understanding, sensitivity and a willingness to listen - (essential)
- The ability to be supportive and non-judgemental regardless of service-users' age, race, sexuality, religion or disability - (essential)
- A flexible approach to working with service-users whose needs may vary or change over time - (essential)
- To be willing to learn from own and others' experiences - (essential)
- To be able to work independently and use your own initiative - (essential)
- To maintain strong lines of communication with the Office Manager - (essential)
- Strong interpersonal/communication skills (basic written, non-verbal and verbal) - (essential)
- A commitment to empowering and enabling others - (essential)
- Some basic awareness of the issues facing refused asylum seekers - (desirable)
- Experience of working with vulnerable people in a similar capacity, either paid or unpaid - (desirable)

Skills/benefits/experience: Administrator/Project Workers will be trained and supervised by a Newcastle graduate with 5 years experience in the role. They will learn effective administrative systems, professionalism and best practise, gain experience of working with service-users who have chaotic lifestyles/varying needs and get an insight into the UK asylum system. Additional training courses will be made available as appropriate and reasonable travel expenses will be paid.