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If the Advice Centre is closed and your issue is urgent, please refer to our Useful Contacts below.

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You can book an appointment with us by calling, emailing or just popping in. Appointments last one hour and, like all our other services, are completely confidential. For quick queries, we offer 15 minute drop in appointments, during term time, at varying times through the week. Please check our opening times as drop in sessions are subject to change. Please note: drop in appointments aren't available for housing queries.

You must let us know, when booking an appointment, whether you have been to seek advice from another advice agency. 

Information for Parents

For parents and their daughter or son, the process of moving away from the family home can be difficult on many levels, in both emotional, financial and practical terms. 

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International Students' Guide for Staying Safe in the UK

We strongly recommend that you read the British Council's Creating confidence guide. This guide is designed for international students, and covers essential advice about staying safe in the UK.

What Brexit means for EU students in the UK and UK students in the EU

What does the vote to leave the EU mean for students, their right to study in the UK and the funding they receive?