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Top 4 NUSU Picks To Help You Destress During Exams

Exam season might be here but that doesn't mean you have to stay chained to the revision desk. Here are a few of the best bets for de-stressing that we're hosting on campus next week.

Part-time officer election results

Find out who has been elected in the NUSU elections for the vacant International Students Officer, Racial Equality Officer, Students & Disabilities Officer and Students with Faith or Belief Officer.

Dog Days 2018

yes that's right, dog days is back! all proceeds from ticket purchases go to Guide Dogs UK.

Ready to Rent

Information on that awkward transition from living in halls to private accommodation from the SAC

Athletic Union Ball Photos

Check to see if you got snapped at any point during the night!

Leave Newcastle Happy

NUSU’s Leave Newcastle Happy campaign has raised over £87,000 for the British Heart Foundation thanks to your donations…

Under Pressure
image of student working at a computer

Under Pressure is a campaign designed to raise awareness of the provisions available to you if your studies are negatively affected by health or personal problems.

It's time to reapply for student finance

It is time for continuing students to reapply for their student finance for academic year 2018/19.

BLOG: Disneyland Paris Trip
image of Cinderalla performer at Disneyland Paris

find out what Give it a Go got up to during their trip to Disneyland Paris

Officer elections voting pays off for lucky prize winners

Student democracy is important for lots of reasons, but for four lucky winners, the recent Officer Elections will have a special significance