The AU Ball will take place in early May 2019, and the Athletic Union Awards will be presented at this ball. Don’t be afraid to nominate yourself, a club member or your club. Nominations open in February and close during the Easter break. Tickets will be released to clubs and then released to club members at the discretion of the committee. Any questions please contact: Maggie Elstob 

AU Sports Awards Category Descriptions

Administrator of the Year

A club member who has gone above and beyond their regular duties, and has widely contributed to the organisation and running of the club, keeping in close contact with the AU and communicating information to club members and elsewhere.

Sports Writer of the Year

A writer who takes pride in thorough coverage, and wholly commits to reporting on a wide range of sporting achievements with innovative literary ideas.

Most Improved Club of the Year

A club that has shown considerable amounts of progression, increasing both their performance and participation. Their expansion is a valuable part of the AU.

Team of the Year

This award goes to the team that has had a highly successful year, pulling out some fantastic wins and always remaining in high spirits. They have great team cohesion, and always give it 100%.

AU Club Member of the Year    

The AU Club member of the year is a student who has been fully committed to the progression and improvement of not only their club, but the Athletic Union as a whole. They are enthusiastic about all aspects of sport at Newcastle, and has a positive sporting attitude in all situations

Club of the Year

This club has performed at a high standard throughout the year, and brought home a multitude of wins. Not only have they helped with the success of Team Newcastle, their spirit and dedication makes the team a welcoming environment, and reflects the positivity and enthusiasm that the AU prides itself on.

Coach of the Year – STAFF

This award goes to the team/club coach that has shown huge dedication to the progression of the club, and assisted the club to improve through a range of manners. They are not only a fantastic coach but acts as a friend to those on the team, showing unrivalled support and advice in both competitive and training environments.

Individual Contribution to University Sport

This person has shown huge commitment to sport at Newcastle University as a whole and has had a positive impact upon a number of student and staff members. They have positively influenced the direction of sport at the university and contributed to the fair running, playing and progression of sport. This category entails all students, from referees, officials and club coaches, sports staff and administrators, through to student players.

Contribution to Inclusivity

This individual/club has gone above and beyond to improve inclusivity within their club. They have fully engaged in the AU’s inclusivity policies i.e. implementing a Welfare Officer, fulfilling Earn Your Stripes and Pledge Cards aims and ensuring that all club members are getting the most out of their experience.