Blog: Dorothy Chirwa, President of NUSU

Pres rewind

6 weeks in and I already got myself draped over the front of the Union - and that's not after a night at Throwback!

I hope you have all had a great start to the term, if you are a fresher experiencing what the city has to offer, a second year working out the chaos of bills and meters, or a third year with the never ending questioning of "So what are you going to do after?", my advice is have a comeback ready. My reply was always "I'm going to do a ski season" - the flaw being, I can't ski!

Even though in third year the Library may be the hot spot, be sure to keep your social calendar up to date. We have already had a very successful Halloween ill behaviour! Hope you enjoy my bin bag batwings…..

I have picked the 2015 Newcastle Univeristy Challenge Team this week, just need to pass audition stages to them go on and face Paxman!

I love the new Mensbar refurbishment and our new cocktail menu, all the sales from the Amaretto Cooler are due to your Education Officer – I’m more of a Raspberry Delight fan myself. It passed through SU council for the name to be changed my suggestions so far are: 3rds Lounge, President's Courner and Brian Ferry's Wonder Emporium.

During the summer I had been working on the new NUSU Central space and with its opening (becoming an interior designer for a few days) I am very happy with the final result and more importantly that it is being used by students. Now I am looking for student art on the foyer wall to make the space a more creative working environment.


– cb


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