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Hey, I’m Raff Marioni and I’m proud to be your Students’ Union President for the 2018/19 academic year.  My role is all about representing the student voice to the University, community and media; with the ultimate goal of ensuring your interests and needs are always taken into account.

As well as this, I’m committed to achieving various goals which I set out on my manifesto upon election.  Reducing everyday costs, revitalising the social side of the Students’ Union, improving library services and introducing free campus-wide sanitary items are just some of my plans for the year.  These aim to tackle the issues students care about, making campus fairer, more affordable and more positive.

Continually improving, and engaging with, the student experience is at the heart of what we do at the Union. I encourage any student to come to my office on the ground floor of the Students’ Union or contact me with any suggestions/ideas on how we can make everyone’s time at Newcastle the best it can possibly be.

Pres rewind

6 weeks in and I already got myself draped over the front of the Union - and that's not after a night at Throwback!

I hope you have all had a great start to the term, if you are a fresher experiencing what the city has to offer, a second year working out the chaos of bills and meters, or a third year with the never ending questioning of "So what are you going to do after?", my advice is have a comeback ready. My reply was always "I'm going to do a ski season" - the flaw being, I can't ski!

Even though in third year the Library may be the hot spot, be sure to keep your social calendar up to date. We have already had a very successful Halloween ill behaviour! Hope you enjoy my bin bag batwings…..

I have picked the 2015 Newcastle Univeristy Challenge Team this week, just need to pass audition stages to them go on and face Paxman!

I love the new Mensbar refurbishment and our new cocktail menu, all the sales from the Amaretto Cooler are due to your Education Officer – I’m more of a Raspberry Delight fan myself. It passed through SU council for the name to be changed my suggestions so far are: 3rds Lounge, President's Courner and Brian Ferry's Wonder Emporium.

During the summer I had been working on the new NUSU Central space and with its opening (becoming an interior designer for a few days) I am very happy with the final result and more importantly that it is being used by students. Now I am looking for student art on the foyer wall to make the space a more creative working environment.


– cb


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