Katie Smyth


End of a Cheera

Term 2 started off with an incredible rag week, and although I had been on committee the past two years I decided to take the plunge into being on crew, my robin outfit was actually very well suited for evenings in sinners. I also decided that after I organised take me out last year this year I would have to be a contestant. Thankfully due to a very confident dance move, the worm, I had plenty of lights to choose from - and decided to choose what I know and kept Tom and fellow sabbatical officers light on.

Straight after rag week I had to start thinking about voter registration and the general election so I made my own polling box. But after a few evenings on the bar I could tell it wasn't going to give me a fair reading - but better than nothing.

This term is also competition season for my sport, cheerleading, we took 70 cheerleaders to a competition in Birmingham where we probably delivered our best display however due to illegal moves (there are very strict rules in cheer) it meant we got knocked down the table, however this Sunday we actually placed second after altering the routine.

This was my last time performing as a Northern Angel, cheerleading has honestly been the best part of university for me and I will miss it so much. On the topic of cheerleading I must mention our display at Stan Calvert and although we lost the cup we always win in cheer and this year’s routine was better than ever.


And finally my successor has been chosen and my time in office is officially limited, the elections week although didn't have the turnout wanted the coverage of the results night was spectacular, with 350 people live streaming the night; massive congrats to the NSR team. Anyway I can see now how knowing the end is soon had sometimes demotivate you however I feel I shall be trying to fit more into that final term that the previous combined. 


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