Katie Smyth


Raff's round-up - October

What’s been achieved?

Over summer, I worked hard on bringing BT Sport coverage into Luther’s bar and ensuring our drinks are cheaper; two of my manifesto points. As a Students’ Union, we should be showing live, exciting sport in our bar that brings people together and gives students a place for entertainment. In conjunction with our student perks deals every month that make sure what we offer is affordable, I believe the social aspect of our Union is far livelier and more engaging than it has been for a while. The whole team worked tirelessly over summer to re-launch the student perks scheme with new focus and variety. It’s bigger than it ever has been before, offering loads of new deals in our own shops and bar, but also partnering with companies in the city, so that students get to enjoy a meal or drink(s) out without worrying about money being an obstacle. Make sure you download the NUSU app to see all the great discounts that we’ve found for you.

On a more serious note, I’ve also delivered on my manifesto promise of creating a textbook exchange service. Built into the app, students can sell/give away their books that they purchased for their course to a fellow student. I envisaged this to help older students who could get rid of books they bought in earlier years but no longer need, and give them away for free or at a cheaper price than Amazon or the high street to younger students on the same course who have been told to buy these books. I know as a History student I still have 2 or 3 massive books I’ve barely read but have had to bring with me every time I’ve moved house and would love to give to someone else!

Finally, a small change but one that should add a bit of atmosphere and good vibes to campus: Newcastle Student Radio [NSR] are now playing outside the Union on Fridays from 4-6pm. The mood on campus during Freshers’ Week, when NSR play outside every day, was fantastic and I wanted to keep that momentum going while simultaneously promoting our great student radio. From October onwards, they’ll be welcoming you to the weekend and providing a soundtrack to your triumphant walk home on a Friday after lectures.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment. Safe.