Katie Smyth


End of Term Report

What have I done this term?


Hopefully a substantial amount that has had impact. Apart from settling into the role and learning the ropes of my responsibilities, I worked hard with the NUSU team and my fellow sabbs on kickstarting our Union being far more exciting. More affordable prices in the bar and shop and constant, exciting deals, as well as better events and the appearance of Humpit! The Union is hopefully more interesting for students than it has been for a while.

I’ve been to every meeting under the sun, and I have effectively pressured and collaborated with the University into considering its approach to students on a variety of things, and the initiatives it plans to introduce in the future.

I brought back sport coverage into Luther’s, helped plan the NUS referendum, researched for our new Sabbatical Officer role that will be coming in the next academic year, helped oversee Freshers’ Week and also recruited the University Challenge team, to name a few things.










What has been your biggest achievement?


I think lobbying Accommodation with Jack to reduce the rent of three key halls of residence was a real achievement I was proud of. This will impact over 1000 students, and ensure affordable places to live still exist despite all the expensive private blocks appearing across the city.

Another achievement will definitely be the distribution of 10,000 postcards across campus and planning the Ed Farmer memorial event. These are both really important in getting across a vital message to students, as well as respecting the passing of a former student and bringing the University community together. On a more personal note, delivering a statement to national media following the inquest in October was a big thing. Never thought I’d see myself on BBC 6 o’clock news. I made it mum.








What could you have improved on?


Working more closely on my manifesto points. I achieved some big wins and have started the ground work on many others, but settling into the role and tackling unexpected challenges that have come my way have meant I haven’t been able to spend as much time achieving my manifesto as I would have liked.










What do you plan to do next term?


Secure those free sanitary items for the students of Newcastle.


A whole myriad of things outside of the above; printer credit transfers, visiting the London Campus and our students there, continuing to improve what we offer to students in terms of events and activities.


Importantly, also working with students to hear what they want to see introduced.





Any additional sections that the report writer deems necessary




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