Katie Smyth


What does a Prez actually do?

Firstly, amazing to have students' back and term starting up. A lot of Summer was spent learning the ropes, with the sabb team all working super hard to make sure we hit the ground running. 

Affordability and Transparency

Working with the Uni to make sure affordability stays on the agenda, with current discussions surrounding printer credits, dissertation binding and digitalisation of the smart card, which we hope will all be seriously re-evaluated in the coming year. 

The Uni are working on publishing a pie chart that shows where students' fees go, I think this will be extremely beneficial in giving students' the insight they deserve. 

Sanitary Items on Campus 

Obviously this has been a long work in progress, but we've just finished the mock up of the final design, and have our first sample of products. So fingers crossed they'll be in within the next few weeks. This will be a great achievement all round, meaning the Uni and Union are playing their part with regards to the wider issue of period poverty. 

Climate Emergency

Of course goes without saying it's a NUSU priority for the year ahead, everyone needs to be doing more, so we're hoping that our upcoming campaign will highlight small things we can all do to make a big difference. This will include a clothes swap, talks from the experts and a more wider discussion on government action. 

The Uni have also updated their environmental section online, which now includes reports and figures from sustainability meetings. This is brilliant in displaying to students' what exactly it is they're doing, following their climate emergecy declaration last April. 

More generally, University Challenge is up and coming, and Black History Month is already in full swing. Rest assured, there's many more campaigns in the pipelines, which we hope you'll all get stuck in with.


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