Katie Smyth


State of the Union- Nov

First off, thanks for coming to second Council, great to see you all here.

This has definitely been a getting down to business month, after the Fresher’s madness think it’s safe to say that, a ¼ of the way into it, we’ve found our feet. 

Obviously first point has to go to our first campaign, Black History Month, safe to say it was an absolutely incredible month’s worth of awareness-raising. Sara and everyone involved smashed it and should be so proud of all they achieved. From the opening ceremony to the closing party, true black excellence was brought to the fore with NUSU style and sass. So BIGG UPPPP.

Next on the list is ‘Rock the Cis-tem’ led by Tobias this campaign has ran this week to highlight oppression faced by trans and non-binary people, which I’m sure, as a very important campaign, will achieve great success. 

Unfortunately due to strike action we’re having to change Pab’s Rep Awareness Week, to sometime early next semester. Just to note that we will keep all our social media up to date through communications with the Uni, to ensure that students’ are kept in the loop on the build up to and during strike action. 

Back to campaigns, next week we will have the ever-famous SHAG week, which isn’t exactly what it says on the tin; but an extremely important campaign about sexual health awareness and guidance. Whereby HIV testing kits will be introduced into the SU during SHAG week for all year round usage. Then we’ll finish our first term with Joe’s Disability in Sport campaign- so as always lots of stuff for you to get stuck in with, so we hope to see you around for all of that. 

Today you may have seen that the University celebrated their accreditation for becoming  Real Living Wage Employer. We’re so pleased they’ve become a real living wage employer, and what this will contribute to the NE. As a sabb team we see the ethical importance of this, so will be reviewing where NUSU is at with this at our external trustee board next week, and will update you all on this at next Council. 

Moving onto the ‘what have the sabbs actually been doing’ part, we’ve already had a range of great wins, to name a few, we’ve got the Uni to give every final year student extra £10 in printer credits in return for a delay on their aim to have redistributed printer credits by this academic year. We secured a food fund worth 2k from Eat@, which will hopefully ease the pressure of financial hardships for some students.’

Joe is working alongside Sian, looking into travel to and from Cochrane Park, and possible ways we can make this less of a financial hardship for students.’ We’re also the first Uni in the NE to offer the Duke of Edinburgh award so please get involved in that, the information session is next week and there’s posters about the Union on this, I’m already signed up. I’m working on reviewing the cost of graduations, which will be covered in a later motion. Finally, you may have seen the tampon machines getting installed, the set date for completion is 29th November! 

That’s all for now, over and out.



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