Katie Smyth


State of the Union Xmas Edition- Dec

Not been a blink since the last Council, so this is going to be a pretty short one, it’s the most wonderful one of the year. 

Firstly, congrats to Tobias for running his first campaign, Rock the Cis-tem, they absolutely smashed it so congrats and hope you’re proud of yourself and so too should Sara for an incredibly successful SHAG week. Last campaign of the season, and all we want for christmas, is Joe’s disability in sport campaign- not sure if we’ve mentioned it enough yet, so just thought I’d throw it in there incase anyone had been allowed to forget about it for a minute.

Obviously there’s been a few things in the media recently, and I want to use this time to reassure everyone that we are taking this seriously and will be fully scrutinising the University’s disciplinary procedures into the New Year. Also, sorry for the impact the strikes have had on everyone, and we hope that you have all been kept well-informed via our comms and we will continue to represent the student voice in all the meetings we attend post-strike. 

I said last Council that I’d update on our discussion of NUSU becoming a real living wage employer. We discussed it at our external trustee board, where we were all in agreement of it and of pushing it as much as we can so it’s implemented asap. Into the New Year we’ll be looking at the  financials, do you hear what I hear? As always, couldn’t have one of these without mentioning my one and only tampon machines. Hark they’re now here, with the official date being last Friday. We’re having some teething problems unfortunately, no joy to the world. 

Into the ‘what sabbs do’- Karina has been lobbying for better personal tutorship for PGR and PGT students, looking into training for PGR supervisors and organising PG Refreshers. Dunno where Grace has been- psych she’s been producing a paper every week, absolutely smashing it Deano. Pabs working on nothing other than microwaves, baby it’s cold outside- jokes, he’s looking into e-submissions and increased study spaces too. Gubb Gubb has been working on his current campaign, and looking towards This Girl Can in the New Year. Killner is working with Grace on the upcoming Climate campaign set for 31st January. Finally, Sara is looking towards her ‘permission to pause’ campaign, a three week feel-good campaign coming your way in the New Year. 

Not gonna drag this on longer than needed… 

So, merry Christmas, god rest ye merry everyone. 


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