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Blog: Dorothy Chirwa, President of NUSU

Guest Post: 7 Simple Ways to Celebrate Black History even when it’s not Black History Month

You might be thinking, ‘why do we need to celebrate black history if it is not black history month?’ Well, black history is so vast and manifold that it could not be told in a month. It needs to be woven into our everyday. Whether we realise it or not, the history of black people has so heavily contributed to the society we live in today, and that’s a topic for another day. So even though there is a 3-month buffer before the American celebration in February, black people -both before us and with us now- deserve to be celebrated all the time.  

So here is a quick, simple, easy to do, low cost list of things you can do every day that not only celebrate black history but could serve as a constant reminder to black people of the rich culture and talent we come from.  


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  1. Educate yourself through books – When I say ‘educate’ it sounds a bit daunting, like it’s schoolwork. No. This one goes out to all my bookworms out there (and the wannabes too). Books are such a great source of information. They allow you to position yourself in time, imagine, understand and empathise. Heck, it improves your writing, diction and outlook on life. So here are some good reads collated by our very own NUSU President and Welfare & Equality Officer. To make it even more fun, gather a few of your friends, pick one of the books to read and start your own mini book club. You will gain a lot.  





2. Netflix and Chill (mainly the Netflix part) – You know the wannabes I spoke about earlier; I am they; They are me. I have been reading the same book for three years, so it’s safe to say I am not a booklover, no matter how hard I try to bring back my 14-year-old self. I think the reason it has taken so long is because I have seen the movie made from this book. That’s what I like about movies; you get the message quickly.  

Watching movies on black history, will help you begin to understand that it’s not a story, but its real. Similarly, get into the habit of deliberately watching movies and tv series that uplift black people. Such shows position black people in roles that have power, positive influence and others would like to see themselves in. Let’s unsubscribe from the ‘black best friend’ narratives.  


3. Vibe and Chill - Maybe you are on your way to the supermarket, getting ready to head out or just doing nothing; what is the one thing that is playing in the background? Music. Some people say music is the soundtrack of life and it sure is. There is always something to suit the changing seasons of our lives.  

Likewise, there are black musicians that occupy almost every genre of music that exists. Most of which are just lyrical geniuses who have creatively and poetically intertwined their experience into their music. I cannot even begin to uncover the influence of black people in the music industry. So, I encourage you to seek and find those artists in the genres you like and play their songs, on repeat (if you like it of course). Here are some Spotify playlists which you can vibe and chill to. Click on the images to open the playlists.