Activities Officer

Eleanor Killner

Activities Officer

Fri 01 May 2020

End of Year Report May 2020

END OF YEAR REPORT FOR STUDENTS’ UNION COUNCIL ___________________________________________ What have you done this term? - Shortlisted nominees and decided...
Thu 05 Mar 2020

End of Term Report March 2020

What have I done this term? Myself and the Editor of the Courier, Grace, hosted our F.U.C.C...
Wed 04 Dec 2019

End of Term Report December 2019

What have you done this term? I have organised the running of freshers fair for clubs and societies as well...
Wed 08 May 2019

End of Year Report 2018/2019

END OF YEAR REPORT FOR  STUDENTS’ UNION COUNCIL  _______________________________________________________________ What have you done this term? This term...
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Tue 19 Mar 2019

NU Festival of Culture

March 4th - March 15th saw the largest NU Festival of Culture to date.  What an incredible two weeks. With...
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