Activities Officer

Eleanor Killner

Activities Officer

End of Term Report December 2018

What have I done this term?

This term I have run several training sessions, for executive officers, social secretaries and welfare officers. I put on the clubs and societies fair which spanned three days and had over 6,000 attendants. I hosted the society AGM and help several society Executive meetings where we distributed Initial and Special Grants. Many enw societies have been set up here in Newcastle and at the London Campus. I created and awarded several Inclusive Society Awards. Volunteering Exec has met this term. Society of the month has run with three societies winning so fai (Salsa, Musical Medics and Speech and Language Therapy). I have started organising an International Festival celebrating culture and arts on campus which will span two weeks in March. I have started organising Graduation Ball which will take place in June 2019. I have run several coffee mornings for societies, attended numerous university committees and meetings. I went to Chicago with the Accommodation Services to look at first year accommodation and how Newcastle can change what they offer. I went to the UK Town and Gown conference in Belfast where I collected the Community Award on behalf of the University and Students’ Union.

What has been your biggest achievement?
Creating and producing the Inclusive Society Award has been a big tick. It was a huge point on my manifesto to deliver a scheme that awards societies for the inclusivity, but also supports societies to achieve this and understand what inclusivity really means. It has been so great reading all the applications and getting to know the Welfare officers (and other officers) who are taking the lead on this. 

What could you have improved on?

Fresher’s Fair was very successful this year however not enough planning and preparation went in to the online sign up and this was very difficult for societies and I felt I let them down here. It made for a very frustrating few days and although almost all societies have seen an increase in membership it could have been even bigger if we had the form right straight away. This was disorganisation and poor preparation on my behalf and we are working hard for Re-Freshers to make sure the same incident does not happen again. 

What do you plan to do next term?

Next term my big project will be the International Festival and making that a success. I also want to run more detailed handover training sessions as well as offering more coffee mornings and 1-2-1’s with society committees. Grad Ball tickets will go on sale next term and I hope this will be a sell-out. And re-fresher will be taking place for our clubs and societies. It is also elections for so hopefully I will be engaging with the candidates running for Activities. 

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