Activities Officer

Eleanor Killner

Activities Officer

End of Term Report March 2019

What have I done this term?

NU Festival of Culture

  • Two weeks of events from March 4th – 15th.

Grad Ball Planning and Ticket Sales

  • Tickets to go on sale 1st march, aiming to sell 500.

Handover Training

  • Held several sessions on how to do a handover for societies which will hopefully mean a smooth transition for next years AO.
  • Held each Tuesday of Feb for 30 minutes.

Welfare Officer Training

  • Led by a member of University Staff with myself and WO, this took place on 28th Feb.

Visit to NUMed Campus

  • While I was home in Singapore I popped across to NU Med and also went to the campuses in Singapore.
  • Met Maisarah and gave feedback to George Watkins her line manager.

Refreshers Fair

  • Held on 5th Feb. Planned and executed by myself.
  • 765 attendees. In future I think this event is not worth the cost for the benefit of clubs/societies.

Society Executive Committee Meeting x2

  • A number of grants were allocated and society issues addressed. Areas for improvement next year discussed.

Volunteering Executive Committee Meeting

  • A number of areas for improvement in Volunteering discussed.

Started a report on Duke of Edinburgh Award

  • I think the Union should offer the Duke of Edinburgh award so I am putting together a report for this.

Worked on Initiations Protocol

  • Something that came out of last term. I have been in Working Group 3 which is about writing the protocol for disciplinary.

Working on Pride Awards

Volunteering Fair and Employability Extravaganza

  • Attended and helped out and volunteering fair and Employability Extraveganza events.

Fresher’s Week Interviews

Sat on panel undertaking FWO interviews.


What has been your biggest achievement?

Selling out Graduation Ball

NU Festival of Culture


What could you have improved on?


NU Festival fo Culture could have ran smoother.

I would have put on more training sessions.


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