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Blog: Hannah Finney, Activities Officer 

End of Term Report - March 2021

Wow this came around quick didn't it? Let's get stuck innnnnnn


What have I done this term?

This term I have organised a campaign alongside Education Officer Sian, which focussed on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We focussed primarily on Quality Education for All, Climate Action, and Responsible Consumption and Production. We had a range of events that were organised alongside societies, our Give It A Go department, the University and the University Sustainability Team. It was really successful and I’m really proud of how the week turned out.

Society of the Month was also rebooted this term, with an all-star panel of myself, Sarah (Activities Development Coordinator), and our Doz el presidente as judges. So far, Feminist Society and Dermatology Society both won jointly in January, and Anime Society being named Society of the Month in February. All these societies have put welfare and inclusivity at the forefront of all they’ve done and have really worked hard to maintain a community for their members. It’s been a pleasure to read all applications and see what good work our societies have been up to during this difficult year.

I’ve also being working with the University to plan for the Pride of Newcastle Awards, which will be online this year. The Celebrating Success Awards are now open for nominations and the winner of each category will be put forward to the Pride of Newcastle Awards. Planning is going really well and we have a really special ceremony in the works.

Training for the executive committees of societies has continued into the new term too, with SVLO (Sexual Violence Liaison Officer) Training taking place in January. Nadia (Welfare and Equality Officer) and I have also written a EDI Handbook which will be sent out as suggested reading to committees soon. This is the first step towards the Compulsory EDI training motion that passed through council a couple of months ago.

Sarah (the Activities Development Coordinator), Rohit (EDI Coordinator) and I have continued to do monthly panels for the Earn Your Stars Award, we’ve had double the amount of applications that we had last year which is fantastic news. We even gave out our first Gold Award of the year out to Feminist Society!


What has been your biggest achievement?

I definitely think that Shaping Futures has been my biggest achievement of this term. It was my first campaign of the year and I learnt so much about sustainability and the environment because of it. I loved all the design work so massive shoutout to our marketing department for making such lovely graphics.

I am also really happy that we rebooted Society of the Month, we’ve had loads of applications for each month and it’s such a pleasure to read how our societies have had a beneficial impact on their members and the community during a global pandemic. I think it’s been really important that we get out the good work that they’ve been doing.


What could you have improved on?

As per my usual big-headed self, I like to think I’ve done everything perfectly, but I suppose what I could have improved on is giving more time to writing the Officer Handbooks that I mentioned in my last end of term report. I have written a Welfare Officer Handbook but have just been too busy to properly focus on the other roles. I’ll definitely make time for them this term and have them sent out… before handover lol.


What do you plan to do next term?

Next term my main priority is getting societies back into action. I’ve just written guidance for physical events when lockdown eases and this may or may not have been sent out by the time you read this. I want to continue supporting societies through this tricky year and it would be nice to get them outdoors if restrictions allow.

I am also going to be working on Pride of Newcastle Awards, as well as a Festival of Culture that will take place late Spring/early Summer, I’m working on this with the International Officers and BAME Officer on this who all have some really cool ideas in the works. So keep your eyes peeled for more info on this!

I’m also getting started with the Activities Team on helping societies out with AGMs and handovers, can’t believe it’s come around this quickly. Sarah and I are also working on a re-freshers fair and looking at all our options for that.


Any additional sections that the report writer deems necessary

Don’t think sooooooo, see u next time friend


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