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Blog: Hannah Finney, Activities Officer 

Society of the Month - March 2021

Congratulations to Speech and Language Therapy who are our Society of the Month for March 2021! 

SLT Society have been been doing some amazing fundraising events this month, as well as raising awareness of opportunities within the speech and language sector.

In March, SLT took part in a swallowing awareness day challenge where they only ate pureed food for 24 hours. This led to them raising £1,210 for Head and Neck Cancer UK. Throughout this challenge they also raised awareness of the difficulties faced by those living with swallowing difficulties which is really important.

The society has organised so many opportunities to their members this month too, such as holding a Newly Qualified Practitioner Q&A session to discuss experiences faced by new speech and language therapists.

As well as this, welfare drops ins have been held each week to support members. This is so lovely to hear in such a difficult year and shows how accessible and inclusive this society is.


If you’d like to nominate your/a society for Society of the Month, please email me at with a couple of paragraphs on why that society should win by the 25th April


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