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Blog: Benthe Tanghe, Athletic Union Officer 

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It’s that time of year where everyone says they can’t believe it’s the end of the year. It really has gone so quick although it does seem like forever since I wrote my first blog ‘Summer Fun’. BUCS Wednesday fixtures have finished so I haven’t been out on the pitches as much this term but instead I have been busy in the office planning and organising the AU Ball to celebrate the great achievements of all clubs across the year.

The AU Ball was circus themed with lots of entertainment which provided enjoyment for all. 9 awards were awarded to individuals/clubs that had shown outstanding contribution to sport this year with the Club of the Year going to the Boat Club. Although BUCS Wednesday fixtures are over BUCS national competitions have been taking place across the country, the boat club performed incredibly at BUCS Regatta, taking the over Victor Ludorium which was an outstanding achievement recognised by the organisers of the event themselves.

Alongside this I have been working very hard on the kit tender process. We appointed a new kit supplier, which is Sportsworld NorthEast who will supply Canterbury kit to all AU Sports Club. It has been a great experience to ensure that the uniformity of Newcastle University is found, creating a brand of one Team Newcastle. This has been a difficult task as it has been hard to get some clubs on board as some like their own brand; however it is important to remember that AU clubs are representing Newcastle University which is a top 10 sporting university and we need to look coherent.

Furthermore I have been attending various university meetings about the ongoing Sports Centre Developments. I have managed to secure the running of the bar at Cochrane Park when the new pitches open in November 2018 and I am looking to make sure that healthy food provision is provided in the extension to the existing sports centre.


My biggest achievement would be organising the AU Ball, with over 700 people attending it was a big task to ensure everything ran smoothly on the day. Somehow everything went very well and nothing major went wrong which was a massive relief. It was so nice to see everyone having a great time and enjoying an event that I had organised.

I think I could have improved on planning, I am normally good at this however with so much on I would always do the task that most important that needed immediate action without thinking about a timeframe. This would mean other tasks would get more and more delayed without me having a deadline to start a new task. It would have been helpful for me to take half an hour each week to plan the format of the week and ensure that I could fit everything in around the meetings and events that I had scheduled.

I would like to thank everyone I have worked alongside for this incredible year. I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received and the friendly nature of everyone that I work alongside. Club committee members, the activities floor, the admin office, the directors, the sports centre staff, marketing, the sabbatical officers and many more have all helped me massively to achieve what I have done and it has been a pleasure to work with everyone involved. It has really shown me how much working in a team is essential in success and I have gained skills I didn’t even realise I had to have that I will use in future employment.

I would like to tell Maggie to get stuck in, don’t hold back in any meeting, at any hour or from anything. With this job there is the opportunity to do a lot so if you have the motivation required you can make the changes that you want to. Don’t worry if others aren’t seeing the work that you put it, it may not pay off in the year that you are in office but you will see the benefits from a distance in the future and that’s what matters. A lot of what I have done this year has set the foundations for some great advancement this is often the hardest bit so I hope that Maggie carries on these projects that I have started.