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Blog: Benthe Tanghe, Athletic Union Officer 

Term 2, here's what I've been up to

What have I done this term?

  • Written a paper to present to the University to try and get our students free access to buses for travelling to our Sports Facilities at Cochrane Park and Longbenton. 

  • Carried on with the organisation of AU Ball, things are progressing well and we're going to be all ready for the big night on May the 8th!

  • Run our This Girl Can campaign alongside Sports Development Coordinator Chris, which included some brilliant events put on by our clubs. Some examples of these are Lacrosse, Dance, Surf, Dodgeball, Rugby, Cheerleading, Climbing, Ultimate Frisbee and Cycling as well as giving women the chance to try out the gym and some excercise classes put on by the Sports Centre for free! 

  • Provided Rainbow Laces in support of Proud 2 Be, clubs ordered over 550 pairs of laces and it's been great to see so many people showing their support for the LGBT+ community. 

  • Helped to organise and take part in Row Britannia, where we're challenging 2020 students to row a mile for Sport Relief. 

  • Organised club photos.

  • Played my last ever league fixture for the Uni :( 

  • Charlestoning away for Strictly Come Dancing! 

What has been your biggest achievement?

If the paper is accepted by the University I think that would be a huge achievement. It would save our sporting students so much money on travelling out to our external facilities and also getting people on the bus rather than travelling in taxis and cars is better for the environment. The University Sustainability team estimate that it could save up to 450kg of CO2 emissions a week, which is the difference between a flight from London to New York and a flight from London to Rome. 

What could you have improved on?

I'm still working on some bits from my manifesto such as Coaching Qualifications and challenging the Sports Centre membership structure, over the Easter break it'll hopefully be a bit quieter so I can really get stuck into those and try and either push them over the line or set them up ready for my successor to take on. 

What do you plan to do next term?

AU BALL, AU BALL, AU BALL is the big thing at the moment, there's so much organisation that takes place for such a huge event. Alongside that I'm looking at reviewing the grant structure with the AU Executive committee, supporting the 5 candidates running to be the next AU Officer (check them out on and getting those last few big things I want to do this year pushed over the line. 


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