Chair of Council

Adam Warner

Chair of Council


Hello there. I’m Adam, Chair of Council for 2018/19. I’ll be chairing NUSU Student Council meetings and managing a number of exciting debates. I will also be promoting NUSU, specifically focusing on advertising Student Council in order to encourage greater student engagement by making council more open and accessible to everyone.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Reflection on First Council

Hi again,

First of I would like to start by thanking those who attended Council last week, it was a great experience and eveyone did very well to play their part. I would also like to congradulate Emily Dudley Manson and welcome her to the PTO team. 

October Council was as lively and exciting as it promised to be with some spirited discussion around a number of motions.If you wern't able to come along I encourage you to watch it on NU TV (appreciate my fresh trim).The odds were against us we had a number of motions and elections to get through and despite the decision to extend the guillotine we still did well to get through everything in a reasonable time and maintain high standards of discussion throughout (well done us). Amongst the highlights was the passing of the motion to change the way abstentions are used at Council so that abstentions are now simply non-votes. Another notable motion was one championed by our very own sabbatical team, Education Officer Johnny Hall spoke about the need to prevent students from accessing custom made essays, his fine words proved to be enough to move the room to see the motion pass. The proposal to place The IHH committe back on the Changing the Culture Education and prevention Work scheme saw a flurry of back and forth on what proved to be the most divisive motion of the day, being struck down by a single vote. The sheer number of motions that were discussed demonstrates the high levels of engagement students have with Council and is something I sincerely hope to maintain for future Council meetings.

I learnt much from chairing a Council meeting for the first time and will strive to do an even better job at the next Council in November (please all come along).On the whole I greatly enjoyed the experience  and very much look forward to future Council meetings. I was also very pleased with how many people came along to see NUSU democracy in action. If you haven't had your fill of Student Council news, I shall be releasing a video where I'll be talking about more about the events of October Council.


Hope to see you all at the November Council on the 15th.


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