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Chair of Council


Post Council Review- It's not quite post Brexit but it's worth a read

Hi all,


I’m back with another post detailing the elations of Council and other related news.


First of all, the only ordinary motion that came to Council failed to pass. This motion was the Ecosia motion proposed by our very own Scrutiny Officer Jamie Cameron. This motion resolved to mandate NUSU President Raff to lobby the University to change the default search engines on their computers from Google Chrome to Ecosia which is an environmentally friendly search engine which uses some of its profits to plant trees. The debate around this motion was livelier than expected and made for an interesting Council meeting. If you missed last Council do go on NUTV and watch the recording. I gave a brief breakdown of last Council in my post Council video if you would like to see me crushing it in front of the camera, it is available on the NUSU website. In the same video I mentioned the NUSU referendum video featuring the dynamic Sabbatical duo Johnny and Jack so do go watch their video on the NUSU website.


Secondly, Council proved to have quite the appetite for the open debate. There was a blizzard of interest and discussion around the role of the new Postgraduate Sabbatical Officer to be introduced in this year’s March elections. The introduction of this new role is an exciting occurrence, indeed it will serve to make NUSU even more inclusive and representative. If you are a Postgraduate this whose course will be finished this year, do stay up to date with the news around this role and let your course mates know.


Lastly, the Democracy Campaign with Jamie Cameron that I have mentioned before will take place after Christmas. Indeed, there is much to look forward to after Christmas concerning my ventures. As I mentioned before I will do more work to do encourage more societies to use Council to help them represent their members, I will run an event around writing motions and how to make them suitable for Council. The cherry on top of this cake of democracy will be a lively event about the purpose of Council and the role it plays within NUSU. Next month’s Council will take place on the 6th of December in the History room, NUSU building at 5.15pm.


Hope to see you all there.


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