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Chair of Council


More Christmas Council Antics

Hi again,


This will be my final blog of the term which will summarise what happened at December Council.


To begin with I would like to note that the motion to mandate the President of NUSU to lobby the University to provide free menstrual products across campus was passed through Council with unanimous support from all voting members. Secondly, the motion proposed by our very Scrutiny Officer aiming to ensure to greater transparency on the University’s investments was also approved by Council so that Sabbatical Officer Team shall now be working on that. This should allow NUSU to further hold the University to account for its actions and represents some of the hard work done by our wonderful PTO team. Next term the PTO’s will be resuming our fine work with even more events and campaigns so ensure that you keep up to date with news on that.

At Council the results of the NUS referendum were announced and it was revealed that Newcastle University students voted to remain out of NUS. However, the voting turnout was below the 5% threshold which was disappointing to say the least and means that the final decision will be made by the Board of Trustees.

I hope those of you who came along last week enjoyed the efforts made by myself and Steering Committee to add some festive fun to the meeting. A special thanks to Adam Lowery and Haaris Qureshi for bringing some festive humour to Council with some excellent Grinch references.

Remember the next meeting for Council is not till February and the motions deadline is on the 1st of February. As always remember to apply for casual voting places if


That’s all from me until next term but I wish you all very lovely holiday and a merry Christmas. If you are a final year student planning to work on your dissertation over the break like myself then best of luck with that hope you manage to find time for a well-deserved break at some point. I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as Chair of Council this term and look forward to coming back and resuming after the Christmas break.


Hope to see all at next Council.


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