Chair of Council

Stephen Dawes

Chair of Council


Cupid's February Council

Hi all,

Welcome back to another fun year of Student Council antics.

Firstly, hope you enjoyed the AGM, an uplifiting report from the Sabbatical Officer team displayed all of the wonderful work that NUSU has been doing helped us all feel the festive love. I would also like to mention that on the 20th of February at 2.30pm in the Planning Room I shall be hosting a motion writing event to help teach and encourage people to submit motions to Council. There will be free food and some example motions which I shall talk you through.

At last Council which took place on Valentine’s Day, there was certainly love in the air as Council unanimously supported the motion which aimed to put food waste bins in campus libraries. In addition, the motion to place more dedicated water facilities on campus went through with strong support from Council.

The constitutional motion to rename the Student’s with disabilities PTO role to Disability Officer also went through after a surprise amendment from Sabbatical Officer Jack Green, which was rejected by proposer Haaris Qureshi and then Council itself.

Unfortunately after much lively debate, most notably from Scrutiny Officer Jamie Cameron, Council could not find it in their hearts to support the returning Ecosia motion. The free pizza and Valentine’s vibes did little to lessen Jamie’s disappointment.

The next Student Council is on the 14th of March and motions deadline is on the 1st of March at 10am. Please submit your motions before them and remember to apply for casual voting places. Of course there will be free pizza for those who attend.


See you all there,

Adam Warner

Chair of Council


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