Chair of Council

Stephen Dawes

Chair of Council


At Journey's End: Chair of Council's End of Year Report 2019


STUDENTS’ UNION COUNCIL: Chair of Student Council (PTO) 2019.



What have you done this term?

This term I have mainly been tying up loose ends, due to it being such a short term there is nothing massively exciting to report, i've mainly just been sorting out board reports and that sort of thing. However, I have been consolidating the information gathered from my various surveys and the feedback that I have received from Council. I have used this to inform my handover for the next Chair of Council.

I have also submitted a motion to Council which was prompted by my experience as Chair of Council and the feedback that I have received. I've gearing for our sixth and last Council meeting of the year, I'm sure it will be a big one. Lastly, I have sent a full and detailed handover document to the incoming Chair and there will be a 1-1 at some point and possibly a chance for them to chair a motion at May Council.


What has been your biggest achievement?

That is a tough one to answer but I think that I would mention my democracy campaign or the series of events that replaced it. In the end it was not a formal campaign as such but it was still good work, the motions writing workshop was a particular highlight for me and I hope that the future Chair does the same next year.


What could you have improved on?

I think that more work to ensure that my Council videos receive more interactions could have been done, but time constraints and the fear that a motion could be withdrawn from council after the video has been record has meant that there has been little time to work on them.


What piece of advice would you pass on to your successor?

To my successor I would say be confident in the role especially at Council meetings, set the tone from the very first meeting and don’t be afraid to use that gavel. In this role you will get out what you put in, see it as an opportunity to learn and try new things, making videos, campaign etc., are all things you could try to do.


Any additional sections that the report writer deems necessary

I think that it from me, it has been a pleasure to work as part of NUSU in this role and serve the student body as a whole.


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