Louise Hall

Editor of the Courier


I’m Louise, the Editor of Newcastle’s independent student newspaper: the Courier, for 2018/19. My role entails managing a pool of writers and team of editors in producing our weekly 40-page newspaper and our website: I also oversee the other branches of student media at the union: Newcastle Student Radio (NSR) and Newcastle University TV (NUTV). Anyone who is a student at Newcastle University can write for the Courier. 


Tue 06 Mar 2018

March 2017 End of Term Report

What have I done this term? Christmas Issue The Christmas issue went as planned, with the 12 extra pages not...
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Wed 06 Dec 2017

December 2017 End of Term Report

Editor Training Throughout September I kept close contact with all of the editorial team. I had a preliminary meeting with...
Mon 26 Jan 2015

Getting Courier-ed Away!

It doesn’t feel like five minutes since Freshers’ Week but, can you believe it, here we are. Speaking for...
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