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Getting Courier-ed Away!

It doesn’t feel like five minutes since Freshers’ Week but, can you believe it, here we are. Speaking for myself, the last six months have been absolutely brilliant: from helming media crew during Freshers’ Week and seeing NSR and TCTV put together a two-hour live broadcast of the Newcastle v Northumbria Rugby Union match at Kingston Park using a set-up held together with bits of string and a lot of crossed fingers (a broadcast which we later realised was the first such radio and TV simulcast of a varsity rugby match by a redbrick University), to seeing my editorial team grow into their roles and become more confident and adventurous in their work. It’s still a massive thrill to see people picking up copies of the newspaper throughout the week, even if lugging the damn things around campus continues to be a massive arse-ache.

The next six months look to be even more exciting, with an extra four pages being added to the Courier, more original photography, and the small matter of our coverage of both Stan Calvert and the Students’ Union elections to be planned and executed. It’s all a bit hush-hush at the moment, but if everything we’re planning comes off then it should be an absolute stonker.

The realisation that we as a sabb team are all now about halfway through our tenure, and that potential successors are preparing to unceremoniously boot us out of our spinny office chairs (metaphorically), is a bit of a shocker.  Partly this is because the looming spectre of unemployment (another metaphor there) is on the horizon, but mostly the poignant twang comes from appreciating that the other five sabbs are completely brilliant, and that we’re unlikely to have the privilege of working among good friends and at such a noble and glorious institution as NUSU again once we leave.

On that point, if you’re thinking of running for a sabbatical position in the upcoming elections, then I urge you to go for it. Even if you don’t end up winning, it’s worth doing. I ran for this position in 2013 and came second, and, although I was heartbroken and cried nearly all the water out of my body, with a bit of perspective it was clear that elections week was a great experience in and of itself.

I hope your second semester is absolutely banging, and if you fancy getting involved with the Courier, the best student newspaper in the country (not my words, the words of the NUS when we won Best Student Media at the national awards last July) then our culture meetings start on 28 January in the Planning Room on the first floor of the Students’ Union building. Our news, comment and sport meetings start the following Monday in the Kate Adie room on the same floor of the SU. You don’t need any qualifications or experience, just a willingness to learn and a prose style which features absolutely no exclamation marks whatsoever. Cannot stand them.  

We’re always looking for new illustrators and photographers too, so get in touch with me at if you’re interested.

Lots of love,

Tom xoxoxoxo


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