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End of Term Report- March 2021

While Term One was an adjustment to a new way of working online, this term has felt more settled, and I have been able to shift my focus onto more of the Courier’s content and some exciting collaborative projects! We finally have access to Windows Virtual Desktop software which has helped a lot with remote lay up and website thumbnails, and (after some trial and error) have figured out the best way to approach online writers meetings, socials, and events. We are producing papers remotely, have introduced some new columns, run several online events for the NUSU elections and have some fantastic articles going out on the (new) website each week.


What have I done this term?


  • Produced our Spring Issue remotely using the Windows Virtual Desktop software.
    • Helped support sub-editors with he software and lay up process over video
    • Distributed the paper to halls 
    • In process of sending out 100 copies via mail to those who signed up
  • Helped organise coverage for the NUSU elections with all three branches of Student Media, including live tweeting of the debates, putting out summaries of each debate on the website and results show coverage
  • Ran the Feel Yourself February campaign with Nadia, First ever body image campaign at NUSU. Included:
    • Art workshops and Q&A event with a psychologist. 
    • Several Courier articles with students’ own experiences on the topic of body image
    • Podcast with Nadia
  • Started new recurring columns
    • Quarantine Qrush column for Valentines Day was entertaining
    • Launch of “Agony Ant” column in collaboration with the NUSU Inclusive Buddies, aiming to support students with friendly advice from those who can relate
  • Launch of the new website! New features that have come in useful:
    • Easier to navigate
    • More articles on the page at once
    • Option to upload puzzles
    • Featured image captions
    • Ability to highlight stand our articles
    • Direct link to print issue
    • Ability to add in section widgets and adverts
    • Subscription widget to newsletter
    • “Write for us” tab
    • Design better integrated with print design
  • Sending out weekly email newsletters with Julia (Deputy)
    • Include some of the best articles of each week, a rundown of the week’s events, stand out writers and any general student media notices
  • Setting up some online workshop and events for writers, including a “How to Get into Journalism” Q&A and News writing workshop with Alumni
  • Continued to focus on building our presence on Social Media platforms such as Instagram, with more frequent article posts and stories
  • Refreshers trainings with the help of George: several sessions over two weeks walking people through he InDesign and Photoshop software over video call to  go alongside the PDF guide
  • We put out lots of fantastic articles!



What has been your biggest achievement?


  • Launch of the new website. This was a big project, especially important with fewer print issues possible, so I’m really pleased it’s paid off
  • The Feel Yourself February campaign was a good way to bring together the Sabbatical and Editor sides of my role, and went well



What could you have improved on?


  • Improve socials. These have been less frequent than I’d have liked and I want to make sure everyone on the team feels like part of the team despite being remote
    • Potentially plan some in person socials if this becomes possible, too!
  • Restart promotion of the weekly write ins - it’s been well received by those who have attended so would be nice to get this more widely used


What do you plan to do next term?



  • Get in lots of nominations for the Media Awards and SPA national awards!
  • Prepare a detailed handover for the new editor
  • Set up more online alumni workshops and events
  • Contact editor alumni in hopes of setting up an alumni Facebook group as a resource for people
  • Produce our Summer Issue remotely in May
  • Attend Women in Media conference 
  • Put together Media Awards event (we hope in person in the stretch tent!)


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