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Blog: Ella Williams, Editor of the Courier

End of Year Report 2021

What have you done this term?


  •  Produced our Summer print issue, due to publish on Monday 24th May. This marks the end of our  remotely laid up issues from this year. 
    • Over  the year we have refined our methodology to work more efficiently remotely. In this issue we have been maying up using Windows Virtual Desktop and collaborating using online video and screenshare via Discord.
    • There was however a new variety of IT issues this time, including issues with Adobe Creative Cloud.
    • Kept up to date with website content, looking our for and correcting errors, making sure articles are categorised and formatted correctly
    • Written articles!
    • Written lots of nominations for the SPA awards. We ended up being shortlisted for Best Publication, and for Best Lifestyle Piece.
    • Put in lots of nominations for the Media Awards, decided on shortlists witht he exec teams and voted on the winners.
    • Starting planning for an in person (!) Media Awards ceremony in the stretch tent. Very exciting.
    • Started writing a long and detailed handover for my successor, taking into account what I do day to day.
    • Set up some more journalism workshops and Q&A sessions with alumni, and in collaboration with organisations such as News Associates. 
    • Planned for some in person socials before the end of the year, finally getting to meet most of the team in the flesh!
    • Attended SPANC and the Women in Media conference.
    • Had our last writers meeting and subeditor meeting of the year :(



What has been your biggest achievement?


    • Overcoming a lot of IT issues to make sure that sub-editors have been able to work on our issue remotely
    • Single-handedly sending out over 100 copies of our summer issue to people who weren’t in Newcastle, to make sure they didn’t miss out


What could you have improved on?


    • Juggling a large number of messages, especially on Facebook where it can be hard to keep track of them all. Found a more efficient organisation system for this. 
    • Been better at assigning action points to members of the media teams during meetings, rather than just discussing the ideas
    • Been more clear about when my active vs. out of office hours were.



What piece of advice would you pass on to your successor?


Find a way to switch off. Get into a routine. Go outside. Sometimes sleep. Always enjoy it.


Take on criticism but have confidence in your ability and experience. You'll be fantastic. 


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