Education Officer

Pablo Charro de la Fuente

Education Officer

Pablo Charro de la Fuente - End of Term Report

What have I done this term?


Integration of the PG Officer Position.

  • Distributed my portfolio to accommodate the new PG Officer position.
  • PG Officer is now co-chair the Education Executive Committee and Steering Committee.
  • PG Officer is now included as budget holder of numerous Education, Representation, and Democracy budgets.


Project “Digital student card”.

  • Liaison with NUIT and senior management at University to present and encourage the development of a digital student card.
  • NUIT has confirmed that development of a digital student card will be embedded in the strategy of the department.
  • The technology will be developed and deployed as the card readers are updated.


NSS Q26 “The students’ union (association or guild) effectively represents students’ academic interests” research.

  • Facilitated research about Q26 of the NSS to find areas of improvement for NUSU.


Project 24/7 computer cluster access for Engineering students.

  • Initial conversations with the School of Engineering to improve the access of their students to the specific software required for the completion of their degrees.


Engagement with Malaysia and London.

  • Active communication Student Association in Malaysia and visit to the campus in London.
  • Concerns from the students have been passed on to the University.
  • SP3 will be deployed at London following the discussions I held with Students.


Project “Study spaces across University during exam periods”

  • Support of the study spaces project for Semester 2 by the Chair of the Learning Spaces Sub-Committee.
  • Estates and Timetable Services have already been informed and don’t disagree in principle.
  • Paper for approval will be taken to the Learning Spaces Sub-Committee.


Campaign “Rep Awareness Week”.

  • Planned and organised Rep Awareness Week in advance with the aim of promoting the network of representation embedded at NUSU.
  • Re-branded and prepared the promotion materials one month in advance.
  • The campaign was planned for w/c 25 November but has been moved to w/c 17 February because of the Industrial Action. 


Industrial Action mitigation.

  • Communication and collaboration with Academic Reps across University to triangulate disruption of the academic experience of the students at University.


Project “Typed exams”.

  • Influenced and supported a substantial expansion of typed examinations for the academic year 19/20.
  • Students will be able to use their own laptops to complete the examinations.


Education Executive Committee.

  • Facilitated discussion about Assessment and Feedback.
  • Results and recommendations will be submitted to the University Education Committee (UEC) for discussion.


Project “Microwaves across social learning spaces”.

  • Completed Higher Education sector research regarding use of microwaves at University Libraries.
  • Excellent examples from Surrey and York, and other non-Russell Group Universities.
  • Report and recommendations will be taken to the University for approval to the Student Experience Sub-Committee.


Project “Digital feedback and representation channels”

  • Pilot channels at Microsoft Teams where students can anonymously feedback to Academic Reps/members of the Student Voice Committees (SVC). 


Project “Exclusively digital submission of typed assignments”

  • Seconded motion taken to Students’ Council to seek support from the student body.
  • Documented the situation of digital submissions across units at University.
  • A paper for approval has been submitted to the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Sub-Committee.


Meetings with most Head of Schools.


What has been your biggest achievement?


Have secured £10 extra printing credits for the students in their final year.

This will be added to their accounts during the Second Semester.


Last year the Education Officer successfully convinced the University to redistribute the printing credits across stages, but the University didn’t do it on time for the start of the academic year. In response, I secured an extra £10 printing credits for the PGT and UG students in their final year, with the redistribution of printing credits been effective next academic year.


What could you have improved on?

Management of personal workload, and the informal engagement with the student body.


What do you plan to do next term?


Further discussions about project “24/7 computer cluster access for Engineering students” with the School of Engineering.


Further engagement with London following the concerning results of the NSS 2018/19 and the discussions with Academic Reps.


Project “Study spaces across University during exam periods”. Aim to approve the project at the Learning Spaces Sub-Committee, and actively engage with Timetable Services and Estates to plan and organise the project for the second exam period of the academic year.


Rep Awareness Week during w/c 17 February. 


Further Industrial Action mitigation following the finalisation of the first striking period, and during the potential second striking period in January.


Creation and submission of paper with recommendations about Assessment and Feedback to UEC.


Complete the paper “Microwaves across social learning spaces” and seek approval at the Student Experience Sub-Committee


Promote the project “Digital feedback and representation channels” seeking to include a feedback folder in every module template of the new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).


Further promotion and approval across University of the project “Exclusively digital submission of typed assignments”.