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Blog: Sian Dickie, Education Officer

S.O.S - Supporting Our Students!

Hey everyone!

Exciting news here at NUSU! My first campaign, Supporting Our Students (S.O.S) has finally launched! Since the beginning of the academic year I have been so pleased to see how many students are getting involved with student voice. This is so important and I really wanted to highlight this in my campaign. S.O.S aims to raise awareness and create solutions to key academic issues, such as tuition fees as well as bringing in new conversations to education such as decolonising the curriculum and raising awareness of the academic representation system. 



However, the campaign is nothing without hearing your voice on key topics! To this end, we have created a vote on the S.O.S page where you can have your say on tuition fees. There is also information on student fees and a link to my statement which has the NUSU stance on fees. I really want this vote to be representative of the student population so I can lobby the University on what the student body really wants, so make sure to vote and spread the word! 



Further, to raise the voice of our students I really want to hear your concerns on anything academic! The S.O.S page also has an anonymous feedback box where you can vent about anything which is affecting your education. However, if you don’t fancy submitting feedback yourself, or you are in agreement with another students’ feedback, you can upvote and comment on other people’s posts! I will be taking these concerns and the vote on tuition fees to the University, so it is super important to get involved.



We’ve also got some really exciting events happening. S.O.S is joining forces with our Decolonise NCL campaign to host an event on decolonising study skills and pedagogy. This event will be hosted by Helen Webster of the Writing Developing Centre and it will take us through how the University environment tries to mould us into the ‘culturally determined academic constructs, rooted in the white, middle class, western norms of how we should think, act and communicate at university.’ 



S.O.S is also celebrating the work of our wonderful School and Course Reps and as well as the campaign demonstrating the function of the rep feedback system. We also have our rep gallery which is designed to put a face to the name of your particular representative, so have a good look and see who is making a difference for you!

Finally, I really hope that you want to get involved with the campaign, it’s so important that I know what your big educational concerns are so please use the feedback box, as well as voting on the crucial issue of tuition fees! If you have any questions about the campaign or need to get in touch, you can reach me at anytime via my union email - 


Sian x


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