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Blog: Sian Dickie, Education Officer

A Farewell from Sian!

Hi everyone,

As some of you know from Student Council last night, I am resigning from my post as Education Officer with 5 weeks left to go. This was such a difficult decision for me to come to but, I have been offered a job, something which I felt I couldn’t turn down while Covid-19 is still a thing in our lives. I really didn’t want to leave the role early and so abruptly, but I know you are being left in safe hands as Charlotte Boulton, the current Postgraduate Officer, has very kindly offered to step in should you need anything regarding your academic needs. Following this short period of my absence, Livia Scott, your newly elected Education Officer, will be taking over the role, with the rest of the new team.

This year has been wild to say the least. I don’t know if any of us expected to have the rollercoaster that we have encountered. There has been mega highs and some interesting times, but honestly I am so pleased with everything that we have achieved as a team. The rest of the Sabbatical Officers have been my rock this year and I honestly couldn’t have done this role without them. They have been a source of constant support and I am so excited to see all that they achieve in the future. To all the NUSU staff, thank you for all of your support and kindness throughout the year, it is amazing to see all that you do to fight for students.

While there has been many big wins this year, I’ve been particularly proud of a couple of things. Including: Getting a week off after January exams implemented permanently, the safety net of course, and the Decolonising NCL campaign that I worked on with all of the Your Voice Sabbs.

I wish so much luck and love to you all.

Sian Dickie

NUSU Education Officer 20/21


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