Marginalised Genders Officer

Eleasha Haslam

Marginalised Genders Officer

Introduction from your new Marginalised Genders Officer!

Hello to all you guys, gals and non-binary pals!


I thought I’d better introduce myself before term starts properly and I get too busy to even think about the luxury of having time to sit and write a blog! I’m Charlotte and I’ll be your Marginalised Genders Officer for 2018-19. So what does that actually mean? Basically, I’ll be the SU representative of anyone who identifies as being a marginalised gender; this includes women, trans men and women, non-binary people and any other gender you may identity with. As a cisgender woman, I will strive to represent other genders as best as I can and am always open to suggestions and criticisms.

I am the type of person to have Big Plans in pretty much every aspect of my life, and this role is no different. I am really passionate about giving marginalised genders a voice and making real changes that will impact us the most. Here’s some of my main goals for you to get behind (hopefully!) – and of course, suggest other things you think I should prioritise.


  • TRANS AWARENESS WEEK: Following on from my predecessors amazing work, I will be working alongside Lauren (LGBT+ Officer) and the various Trans and Non-Binary reps from the LGBT+ Society and Feminist Society – and anyone else who wants to get involved! This will run in mid-November and we’re hoping to put together a week of brilliant events aimed at raising awareness of trans identities and lives and celebrating them. If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to email me or Lauren!
  • SEXUAL ABUSE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE WEEK: This important week is vital for me, as raising awareness of sexual violence is a huge passion of me. I want to improve awareness and education, and hope to run a week of informative, engaging and ultimately impactful events. I will be collaborating with It Happens Here (where I am also Secretary and Publicity Officer) and any other interested parties.
  • GUEST SPEAKERS: I’d love to get in a guest speaker or two! I’d love to hire a marginalised gendered speaker to talk about things like leadership, imposter syndrome and equality.
  • SAFE SPACES: I hope to run a safe space social on a semi-regular basis, which will also act as a place for people to approach me with issues or ideas on a casual basis. We will have a good time with some snacks and social justice!
  • AMPLIFY MARGINALISED VOICES: Ultimately, I’m here to represent marginalised genders and that’s what I will do. Often it can be hard to feel seen in the huge institution of university, but hopefully you’ll come to learn I’m a friendly face who is always eager to help amplify your voices. I’ll direct concerns to the right avenues and fight on your behalf to make change happen!


There are definitely more ideas swimming around, but there’s a few big things I’d love to achieve in my role. I’m ambitious, what can I say? I can’t wait to get started – bring it on!



P.S. That's me! If you see me around campus please don't be afraid to say hi! 


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