Marginalised Genders Officer

Eleasha Haslam

Marginalised Genders Officer

Grand Plans for the Year

Hi all! It's been a hectic term - and we're still only midway through! As I write this, the Trans Awareness campaign launch is underway with all our videos, events and resources found at the NUSU Trans Awareness page. No matter what your gender experience is, check out the useful resources there! We have support to cater for trans and non-binary students, and also education about terminology and how to be a good ally for everyone else. It's been a challenging but really rewarding experience planning and delivering this campaign; hearing the experiences of my trans and non-binary friends and peers is really eye-opening and gives us useful information to make real changes happen. So check all that out!

Being an officer means I need to submit Officer Objectives, which require a blog link to give you more information. For now, I'll pop everything into this post and will add more information when ideas become clearer and plans get better formed. So think of this as a masterpost of all the ideas I have floating around that I hope to make reality throughout the year! If you have any questions or ideas please email me at - I want to deliver events and campaigns that other students will find useful too! Without further ado...


What's next?


Assisting in the delivery of listening forums for the university’s Changing the Culture project to better understand student experience and opinion of hate crimes.

  • Alongside this I will be sitting on the Education and Prevention workstream for the academic year, feeding back my thoughts and experiences on student survivors of sexual violence and hate crimes (particularly related to gender and sexuality). 



To work alongside student societies such as It Happens Here and Feminist Society to deliver a campaign/event for Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week (4-10th February 2019). This will aim to raise awareness and may lobby for a change in policy to better support sexual violence survivors.



To participate in International Women’s Day events, particularly with plans for direct action related to period poverty alongside student groups. I will be a visible presence and will encourage others to come along by promoting the event through the NUSU Part-Time Officers page.



To work alongside Jack Green (Welfare & Equality Officer) in delivering events, content and campaigning related to the wider Inspiring Women campaign that will be running throughout the academic year.



To work alongside Jack Green (Welfare & Equality Officer) to plan, book and deliver guest speakers aimed at inspiring marginalised genders. I hope to include speakers on topics such as leadership, women in male-dominated careers, imposter syndrome and on relevant social feminist topics (e.g. period poverty, Me Too)



Alongside all these Grander Ideas, I hope to more generally provide student voice and useful resources that all marginalised genders can benefit from! 


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