Marginalised Genders Officer

Eleasha Haslam

Marginalised Genders Officer

End of Term Report (December)




What have I done this term?

This term has been busy getting settled into the role and getting involved with campaigns and workgroups. Highlights of the term include:

  • Attended Prevention and Education workstream as part of the Changing The Culture project: discussed future plans for the project and gave opinions on the creation of listening forums to find out student experiences of hate crimes and sexual harassment.
  • Supported It Happens Here's council motion to be reinstated on the Changing The Culture project
  • Organised Trans Awareness campaign
    • Wrote information and resources for the newly created NUSU Trans Awareness page 
    • Co-ordinated filming videos for the NUSU Trans Awareness page and social media (and was in some!)
    • Organised and ran two successful events for the week - a discussion and a panel
    • Led vigil for Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • Featured on the NSR News Show talking about the Trans Awareness campaign
  • Featured in the Courier multiple times talking about the Trans Awareness campaign: Discussing the campaignTalking about the vigil and campaign success 
  • Been interviewed for various student projects regarding gender and sexual violence
  • Attended Trans & Non-Binary Policy Consultation Group meeting: shared thoughts and opinions on how the university's policies should be improved to benefit trans and non-binary students
  • Met with Gareth Longstaff (Chair of staff LGBT group - Rainbow Network) to discuss plans to include student voice in the staff organisation including attending Stonewall training and discussing possibility of introducing rainbow lanyards to be sold in the SU shop (with profits potentially going towards a Trans Health Fund)
  • Attended two Welfare and Campaigns Committee meetings to discuss campaigns
  • Wrote and delivered a presentation on gender identity and how to support trans and non-binary students to the School of Architecture staff
  • Attended Tackling Hate Crime and Changing The Culture conference: learned more about hate crime and sexual violence
  • Assisted Raff in writing the 'Fund free menstrual products' motion 
  • Helped plan It Happens Here's #ThisIsNotConsent campaign for next term
  • Discussed with Jack ideas about Empowering Women talks for next term


What has been your biggest achievement?

Having a successful Trans Awareness campaign has been a massive achievement - both events were well-attended with positive comments from attendees. Our videos reached over 3,000 views which I'm really impressed by!


What could you have improved on?

Gathering more feedback from marginalised genders about the types of campaigns they want to see


What do you plan to do next term?

  • Co-run the It Happens Here #ThisIsNotConsent campaign 
  • Lead a video campaign for Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Week in February
  • Participate in International Women's Day activities alongside Feminist Society etc
  • Assist in the running of LGBT+ Week
  • Participate in the LGBT+ Society's LGBT Conference
  • Get involved with Liberation Month plans with other officers
  • Organise Empowering Women talks and events (alongside Jack)
  • Gather more feedback from marginalised genders and help them make things happen!


Final thoughts

Just want to say a huge thank you to all the NUSU staff and students who have supported my PTO efforts this term - particularly George Watkins, Kay Hattam, Jack Green, Grace Algar and Lauren Sykes. Putting on great campaigns takes a great team! Looking forward to doing even more next term!



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