Student Parents, Guardians and Carers Officer

Amani Alrossies

Student Parents, Guardians and Carers Officer


End of Autumn Term Report

What have I done this term?

  • Attended relevant meetings including officers forum and welfare and campaign
  • Completed relevant training
  • Used PTO Facebook page to share relevant links and advertise my events
  • Sent out an email via student wellbeing to all students registered as Parents or carers introducing myself and the work I am doing as well as useful resources. This email received a great response rate and improved engagement with my role from all students with caring responsibilities
  • Met with a representative from the Hatton Gallery to discuss events for children in their new space
  • Discussed with go volunteer and student parents the options for childcare on campus
  • Organised a campaign for Carers Rights Day including an awareness campaign, a targeted email with useful information about carers rights in the workplace and a film screening and Q&A panel. This campaign was well received, and the evening event well attended (See Pictures to right) 
  • Have seen the student carers Facebook group for peer support grow 4-fold
  • Chaired a meeting of the student carers working group, which includes Newcastle City Council, NERAP, Newcastle Carers student wellbeing and looks at ways we can improve support for student carers on campus
  •  Have seen the student and staff parents network re-launch as a result of work last year on questionnaires on what support student and staff parents want to see


What has been your biggest achievement?

I am incredibly pleased that I have been able to increase participation and engagement so much this term. This was due to being able to send out emails via Student Wellbeing to all students registered as parents and carers on s3p. This was as a result of a campaign I ran last year asking for this resource and further support for student carers. This was a big win for the campaign and a great demonstration of how campaigns, democracy and representation within NUSU and the University can work well.  


What could you have improved on?

I want to run more informal events for student parents and carers in future to meet up and provide peer support. Last year I ran some events like this and while they were well received, they were not well attended however since engagement has increased this term I feel these events could be more successful if tried again.


What do you plan to do next term?

  •  Run informal events for student carers to get together and build a supportive community
  • Continue to raise awareness of serviced available to Students with Caring Responsibilities such as Newcastle Carers, the parents network etc.
  • Investigate the possibility of demand of a student parent’s society
  • Work with the other PTO’s and the Welfare and Equality officer on a body positivity campaign
  • Organise events for families through go volunteer and the Hatton Gallery


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