Blog: Haaris Qureshi, Chair of Scrutiny

End of Term Report (March)


What have I done this term?

I've contiuned to chair my wonderful committee , examining Opperations group and Trustee Board meetings and where necessary, asking questions. I've had the pleasure of meeting individuals who were interested in the Scrutiny PTO position , discussing the role with them and hearing their thoughts on what they would like to bring to the role, which has certainly introduced me to new ways of looking at the job of Scrutiny Officer.

What has been your biggest achievement?

I've not had any major achievements this term but I am pleased that the committee meetings are running smoothly , that my time management goals I set myself in my last report have been achieved and that I have been able to raise awareness of the Scrutiny role in advance of the elections. Seeing my role will be filled is wonderful.

What could you have improved on?

I would like to get more involved with liberation PTO campaigns , helping out more at events when I can and doing much more to raise awareness of PTO campaigns. It is easy to focus a lot on Scrutiny and forget about all the brilliant things the PTOs are up to.

What do you plan to do next term?

I have lots of plans for next term ! I'm looking forward to reviewing the Scrutiny procedure and disciplinary guidelines as well as preparing a handover for my successor.


 Thank you to everyone who has helped me in my role so far. I'm very grateful for your continued support.



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4:59pm on 9 Jun 18 1
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