Alice Fish

Scrutiny Officer


Term Report March 2019

Hey up, it's Jamie your Scrutiny Officer at NUSU.

What have I done this term?

Well as always I'm not allowed to talk about what goes on in Scrutiny Committee (sorry, I'm sure you were dying to know), but I've been satisfied with what I've seen and that everything stays above board. Disciplinary hasn't had cause to meet and that's perfect. My main project of the year is still on the way (more later) but I've been laying the groundwork and planning for that. It's been nice to see some of the new PTOs candidates coming in this election, and offering advice to any who ask. I tried and failed to bring the Ecosia motion through council once more - this brings me some sadness but I'm trying to deal with the loss.

What has been your biggest achievement?

I've had a tough start of the year academically and personally. Just managing to make it through and still do my job at NUSU has been my biggest achievement. It's like that sometimes, especially when you do a lot of volunteering. I would ask any incoming PTOs to stay mindful of their health - you have to help yourself if you want to help anyone else.

What could you have improved on?

Adam the Chair of Council is undertaking efforts to survey student opinion on changing Student Council. In my view there's a big democratic deficit we need to address as a union in Student Council so Adam is doing important work. I had intended to help him out more on this, but I haven't had time to help him out much. However, the year is still young, and there's big things coming...

What do you plan to do next term?

Finally, I can tell you something interesting. NUSU needs work and so does Student Council. When these campaigns are out of the way for everyone I'm going to start on the "Unofficial Guide to NUSU"! If you have any views on the whole place, how its good, bad, how to navigate it, what can be confusing, what you should do here - get in touch. I want to write on the roles in NUSU, student council and its power dynamics, how to write a good motion, how to get things done around here, where it could be headed, and where its come from. It should serve as a useful document for everyone interested or working in NUSU. I'm going to find ways to actually make it enjoyable to read (please, you can trust me). This will be a nice swansong for my time as Scrutiny Officer, and to hopefully preserve whoever follows me! 

-        Jamie Cameron, Scrutiny Officer (NUSU)


P.S. For a bit more clarity and ease I’ll add as an appendix the recent scrutiny report


NUSU Scrutiny Officer's Report (March 2019)

Scrutiny Committee met on Thursday 7th March and reviewed the minutes of Operations Board from the the 19th November forward.

Present: Jamie Cameron (Scrutiny Officer), Harry Parsons, Laura Staniforth, Dean Geddis, Scarlott Rowland, Alex Preston, Courtney Levin, and Matthew Sykes.

Apologies: None

Scrutiny sought clarification on two items from the President, and were satisfied with the response. 

Disciplinary Report

Disciplinary Committee has not been given cause to meet, and therefore has nothing to report.



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