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Blog: Nadia Ahmed, Welfare & Equality Officer 

Fri 12 Feb 2021

Feel Yourself February: Body image amongst students

Hello everyone! I haven’t updated you all in a while so I thought I’d talk about...
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Fri 09 Oct 2020

Drugs are not taboo here - how we are supporting harm reduction at NUSU

I would like to start off by expressing how devastated we are here at NUSU regarding the losses within our...
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Fri 11 Sep 2020

Supporting welfare during the past few months

Hello I’m Nadia, your 20/21 Welfare and Equality Officer! I would just like to give a brief...
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Tue 05 May 2020

Sara- End of Year Report

Is it actually time for me to submit my End of Year Report already? Slow dowwnnnnn it cant be my...
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Fri 06 Mar 2020

Sara - End of Term Report (Term 2)

What a busy term its been! Finally I feel like I've fully settled into the roles so I...
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