Sara Elkhawad

Welfare & Equality Officer


Wed 15 May 2019

Jack - End of Year Report

What have you done this term?   I feel like this term has been really successful, and I’m...
Tue 12 Mar 2019

Jack - End of Term Report

What have I been up to? This term I’ve been focusing on a wide range of topics from...
Wed 05 Dec 2018

Jack - End of Term Report

This term has been a busy one, with lots happening around the Union and University. Overall it has been a...
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Mon 14 May 2018

Summer End of Year Report

END OF YEAR REPORT FOR STUDENTS’ UNION COUNCIL- Sarah Craggs (Welfare and Equality Officer)   _______________________________________________________________   What have...
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Tue 06 Mar 2018

End of Term Report

END OF TERM REPORT FOR STUDENTS’ UNION COUNCIL MEETING _______________________________________________________________   What have I done this term? This term...
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