Sara Elkhawad

Welfare & Equality Officer


End of Term Report

What have I done this term?

  • Campaign planning has been one of my key roles within the first term, and has driven 4 key successful campaigns:
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness Week
  • Housing Week and Housing Fair
  • Food For Fuel Week
  • Sexual Health and Guidance Week (SHAG)
  • Bike Safety Campaign


  • Re- wrote the Gender Recognition Policy alongside the Head of Student Wellbeing
  • Helped reform the PEC form policy to allow representation to students with caring and parenting responsibilities to successfully apply for PEC’s.
  • Collaboration with Marks out of Tenancy to facilitate transparent housing reviews to help students make informed decisions on housing
  • Successful allocation of the campaigns fund to LINKS Society for the Save a life week campaign
  • Collaboration with Women for Women international screening and panel discussion
  • Community projects, including litter collecting campaigns alongside RAG society
  • Approval form key stakeholders across Newcastle city for the installation of drug amnesty bins in NUSU to allow appropriate disposal of drugs and support mechanisms.
  • Collaboration with the Business School to improve their equality and diversity.
  • Support Environmental Science department in their Athena Swan recognition
  • Child care on campus developments
  • Supported the creations of the ‘It Happens Here’ documents alongside Rep and Dem staff
  • Installation of Refugee Toiletries collection bin
  • Current collaboration with library staff and NUIT to improve wellbeing within study spaces
  • Improved the STI testing within Clubs and Societies from 267 to 509, within 59 clubs and societies.


What has been your biggest achievement?

There has been a lot of hard work and grit throughout the first term, but I would say one of my biggest achievements is how well Food for Fuel week went. Since planning this campaign since summer, it was great to see such high student engagement and the positive feedback this came with it!

A main pledge of mine is too look into the food provisions across campus, and to investigate how the University can be more responsible in providing access to healthier food, and more alternatives. Food for Fuel week aided this, as it demonstrated the drive a lot of students have for healthy nutrition. This was really refreshing to see, with understanding many difficulties students may encounter with their nutrition whilst transitioning within University life.

This week continued to motivate me to work harder in ensuring that students nutrition, and

their relationships with food are of a positive one, and this can be done through more

options across campus. This is a notion that I am aware the Head of Wellbeing and many

senior staff feel strongly about too. Despite this not being a completed achievement, the

feedback from Food for Fuel has driven the desire to continuing the pledge of a healthier



What could you have improved on?

One key thing I am working on improving is student engagement during campaigns. Despite working hard on ensuring that campaigns represent the interests of all students, I feel some of the workshops and open forums did not have high engagement. All of the sessions which were put on during campaigns were of a very high quality, but it was difficult to interest students to attend. This was mostly during Alcohol and Drug awareness week. 


What do you plan to do next term?


  • Stressed out Students (S.O.S)- this week includes free sport sessions, exam survival trips and resources, holistic rooms, free coffees, and much more!
  • National Student Money Week- alongside our financial advisor, we will be running the national finance week focusing on realistic student friendly budgeting.
  • Mental Health Awareness Week- each day during the week will focus on a key student mental health issue, from eating disorders, to depression and anxiety. On the 1st March, we will be hosting a mental health awareness fair supported by the University Wellbeing team. This fair will host many supporters and resources for mental health, including University and Union support, external organisations, sport establishments and many many more.





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