Sara Elkhawad

Welfare & Equality Officer


End of Term Report





What have I done this term?

This term has been jam packed with various activities and campaigns, ranging from SOS, to healthier food on campus.

  1. Stressed out Students’ Campaign

The annual SOS campaign returned, with huge success. Throughout the 2 week examination period, we held various activities, from free fruit and exam resources in the libraries, free sport classes, a holistic room and online and offline surveys on the current 15 minute break ticketing system utilised in the library during busy periods.

I am now looking into how to improve wellbeing resources in the libraries and study spaces during these stressful periods. I will be working alongside the University to improve their wellness communications, and where students can seek more support.


  1. 15 Minute Break Time Survey

At Student Council, I brought forward a motion to boycott the University Library team to reconsider the current policy of ticketing students once they have left their desks, to allow them 15 minutes to return. From my experience, and from a welfare point of view, I strongly believe this is not enough time for students to have an adequate break time, particularly in busy exam periods. This motion passed with 86%. I launched an online and offline survey, with the majority of students suggesting that 15 minutes was not long enough. These results were presented in a meeting with the VC, and Pro Vice Chancellors, and to the Library staff. Moving forward, I will be working closely with the library team and NUIT at looking into improving this.


  1. Inspiring Women

The Annual Inspiring Women conference has been planned, and was expected to take place on Saturday 3rd March, but unfortunately due to the bad weather, and snowy conditions, we have postponed until the 12th May due to many of the key note speakers and guests traveling from a far.

The conference wills celebrate the 100 years of women’s suffrage, and follow the International Women’s day theme of ‘Press for Progress’, and has invited many high key note speakers, and guests for sessions, discussions, and workshops.


  1. Wellbeing Fair

The Wellbeing Fair was scheduled for the 1st March, but again unfortunately due to weather this has also been postponed until Stressed Out Students Week. The fair will encompass 5 different areas which can support student wellbeing – Keep Learning, Give Back, Physical, and Take Notice. Various internal and external support resources will be coming into NUSU to offer advice and techniques to manage student wellbeing.



  1. Healthier Food on Campus

One of my key manifesto pledges, and passions is looking into healthier food on campus. Currently, I feel that food provisions on campus do not offer enough healthier options, or signposting of nutritional value. After various meetings with the head of catering and hospitality at the University and a nutritionist academic, we are investigating how to improve food provisions. I have conducted a survey to send out to students in the next few weeks on their perceptions of healthy food, and University provisions to cater for different nutritional needs.


  1. Bike Safety

Alongside the Mo Bikes installed on campus, we have launched a longitudinal campaign on Bike Safety, and offering students FREE bike lights!


  1. Your Guarantor

NUSU have affiliated with the Your Guarantor Scheme. This scheme is to support students who cannot get a UK guarantor when signing up into the private rental sector. This is a big win for NUSU, as the first Students’ Union to be affiliated with this scheme!


What has been your biggest achievement?

A couple of my biggest achievements is the current work on healthier food. It is great to be able to go to meetings and make a real impact and see physical change with the future plans for healthier food on campus!


What could you have improved on?

I think I can be improving on marketing the work I am doing to make students aware, this is something I will be working on with marketing over the next few months.


What do you plan to do next term?

Next term, a lot of my work will be spent on re scheduling the Wellbeing Fair, and planning Stressed out Students. I will be also focusing a lot of my time form Easter on my mission for healthier food!


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