Jack Green

Welfare & Equality Officer


Hello! I’m Jack Green, your Welfare and Equality Sabbatical Officer for 2018/2019, lobbying for equality, diversity and inclusivity as well as health and wellbeing.

Part of my role involves campaigning to raise awareness and lobby for change. Anyone can run a campaign or event at NUSU, from any campus. So get in touch with any ideas you may have.

One of my main priorities is providing representation for students through groups with relevant people such as the Local Council or the University. The Student voice is so important so please do contact me to raise your opinion on any issues you or a peer may be facing so that I can use that information to make positive changes on campus and the local communities in which we live.

This year my main aims is to be a leading voice for student on mental health, inequality and general wellbeing issues that us students face.

My office is on the ground floor of NUSU Newcastle, behind reception in the Representation & Democracy office. I run an open-door policy, inviting any students to come in regarding any issues or just for a friendly chat! I’m often out on meetings so feel free to email me and schedule in an appointment.

To keep up to date with my progress follow me on Facebook or check out some of my main goals below.

Jack - End of Term Report

What have I been up to?

This term I’ve been focusing on a wide range of topics from the BME attainment gap, to mental health to trans issues. You may not be able to immediately notice a lot of these changes, but I’ve had a lot of success voicing student concerns across the board.

This term has seen several successful campaigns such as S.O.S. week, which received very positive feedback. Go Green Week and #ThisIsNotConsent campaigns were both a huge success and showcased student led campaigns, which were supported by NUSU’s campaign fund and staff. Both campaigns had large reach on social media, and achieved the aims that they set out to achieve.

Stressed out student stall


What has been your biggest achievement?

The first Student Summit brought together 5 groups of students representing marginalised groups. These students presented around 3 issues that they wanted to change at Newcastle University to a table of representatives from across the University and Students’ Union. It was a chance to bring together a wide range of department heads who may not directly be involved with any student facing equality, diversity and inclusion issues; and present real student issues to them.

From the Summit we have compiled an action log which the student representatives and myself will be working to achieve.

What could you have improved on?

I will hold up my hands and say that I am terrible at actually letting people know the things that I have achieved. I hope to improve my transparency and celebrate more of my wins next term. I have already started on this, and hope to release a Courier spread detailing the changes that are happening to Mental Health at University.

I’d also like to do more proactive outreach with student groups to ensure that I’m continuously working on current issues facing students.

What do you plan to do next term?

Work has already begun on the ‘Step Change’ framework towards achieving better mental health provisions at University. I hope to continue with the work next term as we create a set of recommendations that we will propose to the University’s Executive Board.

Front of Students' Union Building SHAG Week stall at valentines fair Trans Clothes Swap