Jack Green

Welfare & Equality Officer


Hello! I’m Jack Green, your Welfare and Equality Sabbatical Officer for 2018/2019, lobbying for equality, diversity and inclusivity as well as health and wellbeing.

Part of my role involves campaigning to raise awareness and lobby for change. Anyone can run a campaign or event at NUSU, from any campus. So get in touch with any ideas you may have.

One of my main priorities is providing representation for students through groups with relevant people such as the Local Council or the University. The Student voice is so important so please do contact me to raise your opinion on any issues you or a peer may be facing so that I can use that information to make positive changes on campus and the local communities in which we live.

This year my main aims is to be a leading voice for student on mental health, inequality and general wellbeing issues that us students face.

My office is on the ground floor of NUSU Newcastle, behind reception in the Representation & Democracy office. I run an open-door policy, inviting any students to come in regarding any issues or just for a friendly chat! I’m often out on meetings so feel free to email me and schedule in an appointment.

To keep up to date with my progress follow me on Facebook or check out some of my main goals below.

Jack - End of Year Report

What have you done this term?


I feel like this term has been really successful, and I’m really happy with some of the initiatives that I’ve been working on. Mental health has been a priority on my agenda, and I’ve been working hard with the University on the #StepChange framework from Universities UK. Recommendations to the University to implement will be taken to the Executive Board this summer. I hope that students over the next few years will see an improved approach from the University to mental health.


What has been your biggest achievement?


I’m really proud to have been a part of the project to provide free menstrual care products across campus. I provided assistance to Raff on the project and ensured that the products would be accessible to all.

I’ve also launched a ‘Rooms to rent’ board on the NUSU website which will allow students to find others to share accommodation with. Along with this we will also be providing a Housing Guide part 2, and I’m really happy with how the branding for the NUSU housing campaign has looked this year.


What could you have improved on?


There are a lot of issues that fall under my role that due to time constraints I have been unable to address. I hope to remedy this by creating a strategy document detailing what tasks need addressing and who could be responsible for ensuring this happens.


What piece of advice would you pass on to your successor?


Learn how to say, and instead focus on things that you really care about and matter to students. It can be really difficult to say no to projects, as some are really important. You need to decide whether it is a good use of your time, or whether without you it will still be a success. You also don’t have to fully commit to a project. You can still be involved and provide representation for students without having to spend time actually fulfilling the project’s goals.


Thank you for having me


I’ve absolutely loved this year as your Welfare & Equality Officer. I hope that I’ve done the role justice, and I’m able to now fondly look back on my year and be proud of the projects that I’ve contributed to.


Thanks to all the other Sabbs. You’ve been an amazing help this year and enabled me to succeed. They’ve really been the best team this year and provided a bit of tough love when needed. They’ve always been there to provide help and support when needed and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to spend the year with.


I wish Sara all the best of luck for next year, and know that she’ll smash it.