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Feel Yourself February: Body image amongst students

Hello everyone!

I haven’t updated you all in a while so I thought I’d talk about our campaign that launched this week called ‘Feel Yourself February’. It’s a body positivity campaign that Ella and I have launched to talk about body image and the pandemic: to raise awareness, spark conversation and hopefully make everyone feel a little better at this tough time. 

Body positivity isn’t something that has ever been campaigned on at NUSU, yet body image is something that pretty much all of us have had to grapple with. Whether you are someone who’s more grateful for their body’s internal capabilities now with the pandemic or whether you’re someone who has become more critical of your body’s function or appearance, everyone is welcome to get involved in our campaign and hopefully, we can collectively learn how to be kinder to ourselves. 

Our campaign is launched on Wednesday 10th Feb with a podcast episode where Ella and I introduce the history of body positivity as well as our own personal journey’s. We want people to feel more comfortable with talking about how they feel and we felt the best way to start that conversation would be with us being honest and real about our own struggles. Below I have listed the website, a link to our first podcast  episode and gone into further detail about our events. 


Intro podcast: 


Body Positivity and Art workshop with GoodStrangeVibes - (Friday 12th Feb at 7pm) 

Register here:

Join Lou Brown, founder of art business Goodstrangevibes, for a body-positive art workshop, open to those who’ve never drawn in their lives and artists alike! 

During the workshop, you will be guided through creating two body self-portraits and a thank you card to your body. Throughout, Lou will be sharing their personal body image story and their academic insights into positive body image. 

To participate, all you need is three pieces of A4 paper and something to draw/write with (if you have paint, coloured pens, crayons, collage materials etc. that would be great, but they aren’t necessary).

Trigger Warnings: eating disorders & body image. 

Mindful Yoga Session (Tuesday 16th Feb 7.30-8.30pm)

Join us for a mindful online Yoga class, expect some gentle flowing movements with a focus of breath awareness.

This practice is about the enjoyment of being in your body, stepping out of the negative bias of your thoughts and honouring how you feel.

Wear something that you can move freely and easily in. Roll out your Yoga mat if you have one at home, otherwise a big towel or rug will do. Make sure you are warm enough, an extra layer and/or a blanket are a good idea especially for the relaxation at the end. Look forward to slowing down, unwinding and connecting with yourself.

Register here:

Q&A with Psychologist Dr Liz Evans (Weds 17th Feb at 6.30-8pm)

We will be speaking to Liz whose research focuses on how weight, eating behaviour and body image change with time. Liz will be speaking to us about ‘Fat Talk’, sharing with us insights from throughout her career in Psychology and everyone will have the opportunity to ask any questions they have about body image, self-love and how we move forwards. 

Questions can either be presubmitted by sending them to or you can ask them by using the chat function during the event, (please note we will be prioritising presubmitted questions to make sure we get through everything). 

Register here:



We also have lots of courier articles where students tell their own body image stories or explore different body positivity movements and concepts. Plus, we have more podcast episodes launching with Daniel Jones, exploring what it means to occupy space with a disability, Dom Lee talking about male body positivity and masculinity, and much more!

We are looking forward to opening up this conversation and finding kinder ways to speak to ourselves and our bodies. 

Thank you all for reading and take care, 

Nadia x




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