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Welfare and Equality Officer

Blog: Nadia Ahmed, Welfare & Equality Officer 

Together, we are making Harm Reduction a reality!

Over the past year, there has been an immense shift in positive attitudes towards harm reduction. A considerable part of this has been thanks to you all, our students. The survey we circulated in November 2020 had an incredible number of responses, allowing us to create a report that pushed the case for harm reduction at both the University and here at NUSU.

Here at NUSU, we pushed for harm reduction to be interwoven into all aspects of the University Policy on alcohol and drug use (now in the consultation stages). We look forward to hearing about the progress of the new proposed policy and we are anticipating a positive outcome.

This has been an immense amount of work and every single part has been worth it as in addition to the work outlined above and in the report, we now have a permanent staff member in NUSU, titled the “wellbeing and support coordinator” who will be ensuring we have drug testing kits in place in time for the new term, regular drug and alcohol drop-in clinics as well as all other harm reduction provision such as condoms, pregnancy tests and condoms for all students who need them. This staff member will ensure all harm reduction and policy work is future-proofed, so that none of the work done during my year as Welfare and Equality Officer gets lost or forgotten after my term in post ends at the end of June.

Please read the attached report to find out how you have helped us to create this change. It gives context to harm reduction across the UK as well as a breakdown of the survey results. It also outlines exactly what we mean by harm reduction and what we are asking for from the university, for the students.

Download your copy here.

Once again, thank you to everyone who filled it out, shared it and spread the word about our survey. You have created an impact for every new student cohort and that is a huge legacy.

Warmest wishes and stay safe all,

Welfare and Equality Officer 20/21