Candidate for the position of Student Media Officer

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Meg Howe

Hi, I’m Meg Howe and I’m running for Student Media Officer. I’m a stage three History student, but the majority of my time is dedicated to my role as Head of Life & Style at The Courier! I have experience across all three branches of student media, including my Senior role at The Courier, hosting my NSR Show, and presenting for NUTV. 

Voting Meg #1 for SMO means voting for an inclusive, accessible and approachable Student Media experience! This is Howe we do it…

  1. Positive relationship with clubs and societies: introducing the Student Media Calendar to promote events across campus and appointing dedicated sports correspondence teams to increase Team Newcastle coverage 
  2. Regular media training opportunities: interactive sessions, open to all students, to learn and develop the essential skills for the media industry  
  3. Environmental efforts: leftover papers distributed to local artists and societies for reuse and ensuring regular and detailed climate-related content across all three branches
  4. Collaborative social media presence: cross-posting the work of all Student Media, using links to make finding NSR shows, NUTV programmes, and articles effortless

So, vote Meg Howe #1 to get the most out of YOUR Student Media Experience!

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