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Xuan Liu

Hi, I am Xuan Liu, a student majoring in MBA. I'm running for Activities Officer. Since October 2021, I have been working for the 'Chinese Students & Scholars Society' and serving as the vice minister of tourism department of the organization. We organize and plan many on-site and outdoor events, such as Bicester shopping trips; A ski trip to Scotland and a day trip to York. Therefore, I am familiar with the process of organizing activities and students' participation preferences. I have some suggestions for planning and driving events to make the most of the support that Newcastle University has to offer to make the most of our department.

1. Cooperate with various departments and associations to strengthen publicity and regularly hold activities of different nature so that more students can participate in and experience different social circles. And increase the diversity of activities, it is easier to enhance the enthusiasm of students to participate.

2. Combine with social platforms and my career to provide opportunities for students to participate in activities and exercise their abilities. For example, internship or community part-time activities can be launched to help students get in touch with and understand the society and enterprises in advance.

3. Vigorously promote volunteer activities. The promotion of volunteer activities and the improvement of students' participation not only improve the recognition of our school's reputation by the society, but also increase students' sense of social responsibility. Go Volunteer connects with many organizations and departments, and has cooperated with about 200 charitable organizations to help students better participate in social practice. While giving back to society, their vision and social circle will also be improved. I'm sure everyone will enjoy working with like-minded and positive people!

I have 6 years of work experience and 3 years of management experience before MBA. I have strong activity organizing ability and rich working experience, so I can communicate and get along with people easily and quickly. In my previous work, I was responsible for organizing and planning large-scale offline cinema viewing activities and product release promotion and release activities. I have strong negotiation skills and institutional cooperation experience, and have organized and participated in many social welfare activities. I believe that I am very suitable for this position, and can bring innovation and different harvest to you, I hope you can vote for me! Thank you.


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