Candidate for the position of Athletic Union Officer

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Hannah Danks

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m running for AU Officer 2022!

Sport has been a huge aspect of my university experience, getting involved in competitive, intra-mural, and GIAG sports throughout my 3 years! 
This year I have gained a wider understanding of university sport through club presidency and joining AU Executive Committee. It has highlighted club’s different needs and how they must be dealt with independently, whilst maintaining comradery across the whole of Team Newcastle!


  • Introducing basic welfare training for all committee members/coaches/captains, to move away from the notion of a singular point of contact for welfare issues.


  • Creating opportunities for subsidised coaching and refereeing qualifications, particularly for clubs run by player coaches.

Team Newcastle

  • Promoting T.N to the community through collective volunteering/charity-work, inclusive of cross-club teamwork.
  • Weekly social media roundups to celebrate each club/AU member competition results equally.
  • Promote club collaboration on taster sessions across sports, allowing students to participate in sports other than their own, that they may not otherwise do.
  • Encourage cross-sport and whole university support, through increasing spectating opportunities for all clubs.
  • Work alongside the sports centre to ensure value for money through sports club and sports centre memberships.


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