Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Officer

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Danica Limawan

Hi! I'm Danica Vania Limawan and you can call me Dani. Currently, I'm a postgraduate student of Digital Business.
And I believe I am the most ideal candidate to be your next Postgraduate Officer due to my experience as a course rep and secretary.

In this role, I’d love the chance to:

  1. Hear more feedbacks from PG students because your feedbacks, opinions, and issues are important!
  2. Improve the postgraduate student to get a job by making employability events and encourage students to use career service.
  3. Helping postgraduate international students from preparation until they arrive at Newcastle, and also during your study!
  4. Have a better PG orientation and social event/activity to know other PG students from another course and PG students can have the best time of their lives.
  5. Hold a beneficial soft and hard skill training that is useful to increase the chance of employability.

I hope you consider giving me your vote in this election! :)


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