Candidate for the position of President

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Mady Baugh

Hello! I’m Mady (she/they), running to be your next President!

Why me?

  • President of It Happens Here for 2 yrs
  • Welfare Officer of Sexpression for 3 yrs
  • Successful campaign experience, sometimes on tv xxx
  • Not afraid to hold the Uni accountable
  • Strong experience with working to make change within the Uni
  • Sex positive, queer n disabled

Key manifesto points:

Proactively tackle sexual violence, spiking + discrimination

  • Addressing the cause instead of victim blaming
  • Providing better support for survivors
  • Stricter disciplinary procedures for perpetrators
  • Sex positivity + educational campaigns!

Unified+ supportive approach to student wellbeing

  • Support groups + counsellors for underrepresented groups to bridge gap between waiting times for support
  • Commit to cutting waiting list for support
  • Lobby for free subscription to Headspace

Value for money + equal opportunities for all

  • Widen scope of participation bursary
  • Food bank on campus

Provide access to sustainable resources

  • Food waste bins, water fountains + microwaves across campus
  • Clothes swap + hosting markets for small businesses!

Prioritise inclusivity + accessibility

  • Work on decolonising curriculum by creating learning resource platforms
  • Support staff + students through strikes
  • Campaigns around neurodiversity + hidden disabilities

Voting Opens: