Candidate for the position of Disability Officer

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Lauren Gilbert

Hi! I'm Lauren (she/they) and I'm running to be your next Disability Officer! I'm a 2nd year Theoretical Physics student extremely passionate about advocating for the disabled community and making the University experience fulfilling for every student. More often than not, suitable accommodations for disabilities and mental health conditions are difficult to access and might not support you in the right way, so I'm here to change that through implementing new policies that will make Newcastle accessible for everyone. I believe that these policies are realistic and the first step to creating a campus where everyone feels welcome. 


  • Implement regular welfare emails from Student Wellbeing.
  • Work with the Education Officer to improve exam accommodations for all disabled students.
  • Increase the amount of PEC adjustments available without an SSP each semester. 


  • Ensure teaching staff read and understand all Student Support Plans.
  • Promote awareness and understanding of hidden disabilities.
  • Clearly advertise quiet spaces available on campus. 


  • Advertise the financial support for any student currently seeking a diagnosis for a disability or mental health issue if a cost is involved.
  • Work with the Careers Service to tackle issues of ableism in the workplace.

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